Giombetti Associates annually assesses hundreds of people around the country. Our clients have heard us talk about and profess the importance of hiring high-performance talent within your organizations. Whether you refer to them as A-Players, world-class or cream of the crop, Giombetti has concretely identified their skill sets and what makes them the top 16% of the general population. While there are certain downsides to hiring this kind of talent, Peter Drucker and Jack Welch said it best, “Talent Wins!” When Giombetti Associates either handles national recruitments or meets people at conferences, their database expands. Specifically, when we handle recruitments for our clients, 2-5 final candidates are generally identified and one gets hired as the others get left behind. We at Giombetti have been looking for a way to leverage our intellectual capital and unique process and bring it to our clients. Hiring this talent is a tremendous competitive advantage in building world class organizations. If you believe in this concept, you now have accessibility to a database of those winners! You will now be able to browse our talent pool by functional area and view critical information relating to each candidate including their Performance Dynamics assessment results!


20% recruitment fee of annualized first year compensation. When positions earn a substantial amount of income in commission, we will negotiate an amount agreeable to both parties. 90-day guarantee, if the position turns over within the first 90 days half the fee will be refunded. All contact information, including names will remain confidential. If you are interested in interviewing one of these high performance candidates, please call Ross or Rick Giombetti to initiate the process. Fees must be paid within first 30 days of employment.