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Powered by Giombetti Associates's Performance Dynamics process this site is designed to provide you the acccess to the "A" list of people we have. Giombetti Associates annually assesses hundreds of people around the country. Our clients have heard us talk about and profess the importance of hiring high-performance talent within your organizations. Whether you refer to them as A-Players, world-class or cream of the crop, Giombetti has concretely identified their skill sets and what makes them the top 16% of the general population. See if there is an A-Player for your organization:

Current List of A-Players:

Role A-Players
Administration 1
Customer Service 2
Engineering 6
Executive/Senior Management 8
Finance/Accounting 3
Human Resources 5
IT 0
Marketing 3
Operations 16
Purchasing 1
Quality 0
R&D 2
Sales 11
Warehousing/Distribution 1
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